10 Easy Ways to Burn More Fat and Lose Weight

The struggle to lose weight is one that the majority of people have gone through at one point or another. Although this struggle isn’t unusual, it’s not necessary. There are some simple tricks that can help your body burn more fat to turbocharge your weight loss. Your weight loss journey can be more successful and far less frustrating if you make a few tweaks to the way you’re approaching losing weight. Follow the 10 weight loss tips below and you’ll find weight loss much simpler and possibly even fun!

#10. Don’t feed your emotions

10 Easy Ways to Burn More Fat and Lose Weight - Don't feed your emotions

It’s common to pick up a snack when we’re feeling stressed or upset. This emotional response that ties eating and self-soothing together has been hardwired into most of us from birth. Think about it, when a baby is crying what’s the first thing you do to try and soothe them? That’s right, you feed them. Although this is a good response to a baby it doesn’t work as well for adults who have a much greater emotional range than an infant. This is why it’s important to recognize the emotions we’re feeling and feel through them instead of eating. Whatever the void is inside of us that we’re trying to fill food isn’t going to even touch it. In fact, when we eat to try to soothe our emotions all we end up doing is making the emotions worse due to us ignoring the true source of our feelings. And if we’re struggling to lose weight these negative emotions are compounded by the guilt we feel when we eat out of emotion. This added guilt adds to our stress and to our waistline which only causes more emotions in a vicious cycle. To break this cycle try to sit with your hunger for 15 minutes. Examine how you’re feeling and recognize if there’s an emotion that you’re trying to escape from. Get up and go for a little walk, distract yourself with something else and have a nice big glass of water. If you still feel like eating after 15 minutes then you may be truly hungry. This can be a very difficult habit to break so be gentle with yourself and recognize small progress when it occurs.