10 Super Foods For People Over 50


10 Super foods for people over 50 - Beetroot

The first root type vegetable in our list of superfoods for people over 50 is beetroot. Beetroots have many health benefits. Researchers have found that beetroot reduce the risk of heart diseases and increases the physical performance of older individuals. People who drink beetroot juice lowered their blood pressure because nitrates in beetroot promote the relaxing of blood vessels. The physical performance of cyclists aged 18-40 increased by 16% when ½ liter of beetroot juice per day was taken.  The main compounds in beetroot- betaine, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Pectin helps to eliminate toxins that is being cleared by the liver. Vitamin A and carotenoids slows down the aging process. Another study found that drinking beetroot daily prevented Alzheimer’s and improved the brain oxygen circulation in individuals with Dementia.