Best Health Insurance Companies in the U.S

Health insurance is meant to cover for unforeseen medical expenses that the patient may have to pay. The demand for quality health care is growing now and then, and governments are striving to make health insurance affordable to all. For instance, during Obama’s reign, the government adopted an initiative by the name Obamacare to cover more American citizens who were yet to be insured or underinsured. This program was intended to make healthcare affordable and efficient.

In the US, private health insurance providers play a very crucial role in healthcare coverage, but other major providers also influence the market.

In this article, we are going to look at the ten best health insurance companies in the United States and what has influenced their ranking.

#10. Molina Healthcare, Inc.

Best Health Insurance Companies in the U.S - Molina Healthcare
Molina Healthcare of Long Beach restated its most recent earnings report, with profits significantly greater than previously reported. Wednesday, March 01, 2017, Long Beach, CA. Photo by Steve McCrank, Daily News/SCNG

Molina Healthcare is one of the leading health insurance companies in terms of wellness care. It offers health insurance services to more than 3.4 million members in its operating states of Florida, Illinois, California, Washington, Texas, New York, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Utah, Ohio, Mississippi, Idaho, Michigan, Puerto Rico, Maine, and Virginia. Its coverage options, plan choices, and benefits vary from one state to the other. A significant percentage of its health plans do not come with co-pays and cover vital medical care like X-rays, emergency services, doctor visits, lab examinations, prescription drugs, and vision insurance.

Besides, outstanding perks, and well-being care, Molina boasts excellent preventive health care services for its members such as adolescent immunizations, prenatal and postnatal care, adult immunizations, child immunizations, and adult preventive services.

Excellent wellness care and preventive care services have contributed significantly to its being ranked as one of the best health insurance companies in the US.