The 10 Most Cancer Causing Foods

#9. Processed Meats

The 10 Most Cancer Causing Foods - Processed Meats

A majority of people love meat, not just for its flavor but also as a rich source of protein for optimum muscle functioning. The protein in meat stays longer in your stomach ensuring that you do not feel hungry often and therefore it is useful in keeping your weight in check. Freshly farmed meat from grass-fed animals is good, it is their processed counterparts that is bad for you. Processed meat include bacon, ham, sausages, and hotdogs. They are cured, fermented, salted or otherwise smoked to enhance their flavor and preserve them for longer. The chemicals used to prepare them increase the cancer risks in people consuming them. Processed meats mostly end up undercooked because light heating and outward glazing give them a distinct preferential taste. This exposes you directly to the chemicals used to preserve them.