Top 10 Supplements to Boost Energy

Maintaining a natural energy level can be achieved by eating a well-balanced diet, getting adequate sleep, and regular daily exercise.

Given our busy lives and the daily demands we face, following these fundamental principles is not always possible.

However, there are supplements you can use to boost your energy.

Here are 10 supplements and vitamins you may consider if you are looking for an energy boost.

#10. Iodine

Top 10 Supplements to Boost Energy - Iodine

Iodine is a mineral needed for optimal immune function and good health. The thyroid gland uses iodine and tyrosine to create the thyroid hormone.

While a deficiency of tyrosine is uncommon, iodine deficiency is very common. Many people are not aware but they are deficient in iodine.

When the thyroid gland functions sluggishly it creates a low metabolic rate and results in weight gain and fatigue, among other serious symptoms.

If you experience weight gain along with fatigue you may want to check with your doctor to see if you may have a thyroid problem caused by a deficiency of iodine.

If that is the case, and your doctor prescribes a form of iodine, the correction will reduce fatigue and provide a boost of energy.